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How to Safely Get Rid of Your Old TV

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While it may seem easy, figuring out how to get rid of your television is a surprisingly very tricky method. As it stands now, a lot of places have strict rules about what the products that can and can’t go into the landfills and the items within LCD televisions are on the list of forbidden materials.

Old Tv

Even though this is a very crucial rule (these standards are put in place in order to protect and secure people, environment as well as the animals), thus, it makes the disposal of your old TV more complicated. If you cannot take it to the garbage bin, what are you going to do with it?

Just like CPUs, old laptops, desktop computers and batteries, televisions contain potentially dangerous materials. These harmful materials may include brominated flame retardants, cadmium, beryllium and lead.

While these materials are not a threat to human health when the material is on a regular use, however, it can leak out into your environment and surroundings when they are exposed into the landfill. These substances can poison people and animals in proximity to a landfill or seep into groundwater over time. As such, they need special handling during disposal and recycling.

How to Dispose Your Old Television

Taking your old TV to the garbage bin is prohibited. The following are some of the few tips on how to dispose your old television with the help of appliance removal Overland Park:

1. Sell it

You may wonder how you get rid of your television quickly. One of the answers is to sell it to someone. If your TV is still in working order, you may sell or donate it for good. The first method is to examine the television for signs of obvious damage. If the picture is still good, the screen isn’t broken and you have all the remotes and original cords, giving the TV away or selling it are actually your best choices. Furthermore, this also gives you the option of making money from your old TV.

2. Donate it

If you are not in a good mood of selling or dealing with the stress of selling your old TV, you may also consider donating it. There are several donation centers in your place which can be glad to take your old items and will even pick your old TV up from your home.

3. Recycle it

Instead of selling or donating your old TV, why not consider recycling it. While recycling electronic appliances can be very complicated, there are a lot of devoted companies which will do the job for you. You just have to find the nearest electronics disposal site.

Once you have located your ideal place, check the posted hours and call the company to ask about the recycling fees. In some instances, you will pay the center to break down your old television and do the process for you. But do not be worried. This is just a little payment and through this process, you can be very proud because you kind of done something positive for your environment, the people and animals in your place.

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